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” Being a badass is a state of mind,  regardless of one’s gender.” 

Unfortunately, a business woman who is strong willed, ambitious and clear about her goals is  too often labeled a “bitch.” Being an edgy and  vocal woman is not always celebrated in the  business environment.  Being a card-carrying Badass Business Woman  does not merely announce and unleash your  inner badass. Consider us a tribe, coming  together, challenging and mentoring one another in today’s male-oriented business world.  Being a Badass Business Woman is not about  running stiletto-clad circles around men. It’s  about gracefully striding forward in the business world with a radiant strength and confident dexterity that is uniquely female.

” Some women are offended at being called a badass. To us, it’s the highest compliment anyone could give us.”


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This movement is out to revolutionize the way women are viewed in the business environment. We will impact the way we see ourselves, the way we see each other, and the way our male colleagues relate to us. Being a card-carrying member of Badass Business Women gives us something to be proud of. We don’t have the “balls” to go after what we want. We have the audacity to invest in our future and surround ourselves with women who pull for us. We share it with our mothers. We empower our daughters to grow into Badass Business Women. Women have come a long way. But subtle attitudes still keep a lid on our self-expression and potential. This will change.

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I’m a Badass Business Woman because i won’t let others hold me back, from getting what I want.

Bridget Carey

“I am a badass because I can recognize the greatness in myself without feigning modesty. I am a badass because I can help other women do that too. I am a badass because I help women find their purpose, their voice and their badassness. I am a badass because I said so.”

Michelle Villalobos

“ Want to be a badass businesswoman? For me, it’s been a simple one-step process: take one step. That is, whatever task you set out to accomplish, take an extra step after you think you’re done. Finished your round of sales calls for the day? Make one more. Completed your research? Read one more article. Ready to head home from a networking event? Shake one more hand. I have always been amazed at the opportunities I uncover when I step outside the boundaries of what I had planned.”

Julia Wakefield

“I’ve decided to stop being the
‘nice girl’ who says “That’s okay”
when clients sing the blues and
start taking advantage of me. I’m
going to start ‘bringing my badass.”

Robin Ford

“I am a Badass Business Woman because I am relentless. Perseverant, persistent, driven, ambitious, hardworking, non complacent call it whatever you like. I believe ‘there is always a way.’ There is always a way to raise the bar. There is always a way to craft my company into exactly what I want it to be. With a willingness to put in the work, everything is possible.”

Stephanie Tisch

“I’m a Badass Business Woman because I try my best to see in others not who they are, but who they can be. I strive to do things that may terrify me. If I ever feel complacent in work or life I try my level best to change things, shake things up and redefine why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Ishita Gupta

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